Sunday, December 26, 2010

Owen's First Christmas 2010

I'm posting this simply to say that this was the best Christmas of our lives.  Our little "gift" from God was home with us and although he wasn't feeling wonderful we were able to start traditions and enjoy spending time with our entire family on Owen's First Christmas.  He received many gifts, mostly from other people (we figured we'll have to go overboard next year so we'd slide by this year).  Ed, Owen, and I had the best day together and while it ended up turning into a second day as we took him to the hospital and got no sleep we got all we wanted in being able to have Owen home for Christmas.  Yes, we are now back at Shands and there is no telling how long we will be here this time but our wish for a wonderful 1st Christmas together was granted.  I will post pictures for this blog once we get back home again.

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