Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Big Boy

This warms my heart I hope it does yours too.

My grandpa - Owen's Great-Grandpa is almost 84 years old and on Friday he came by to see Owen as he has a few times this past week.  He was holding Owen and said "He's going to be a big boy."  I said I know Grandpa he is.  He said, "No, he's going to be a big boy."  I said I know.

He then told me a story how he was sitting in his chair at home and dosed off and Owen walked by him and tapped him on his knee and woke him up.  He said Owen woke him up two different times.  I just smiled and thought of what could be and I couldn't help but think so that's where Owen goes when he sleeps.

Staying positive always.


  1. This is a cute story...thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a sweet story!!!! Sending lots of prayers your way!!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Jerica. It definitely warms my heart as well. I love you all.